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Askmebazaar is new on the block ecommerce website that offers a wide range of products and brands. Without compromising on the quality, they assure products within your budget. You can grab excellent deals on the products you buy here. This is the first ecommerce store that also takes you offline while staying online. You can search for city specific brands, and deals for various products and services on this site. This site is not just into selling branded goods, but also into selling unbranded products and services. It offers a wide range of categories that you can easily switch to whenever you want to make the purchase.

It is truly Indian style shopping site which has been created keeping in mind the Indian shopping behavior. It offers a great shopping experience to the users combined with exclusive bargain deals offered on all the products and brands present on this site. You can buy furniture, home décor, mobile, and its accessories, gadgets, electronics, apparels, storage devices etc. from this site. You get both Indian and foreign brands on this site. With trusted brands and sellers holding the baton, you can easily shop on this e-shop for your choice of products. The best part of this site is that it offers free shipping across the country. So, you can order from anywhere, and most of the goods would free your logistics expenses.

Site Usability

The site is pretty easy to navigate and use. The different categories can be browsed with ease on this site. You will see that this site offers a wide range of products and product categories. The images that are uploaded are high resolution vector images that can give you an insight on the product, and how the product works. Basically, you know what you are buying. Online shopping is made easy with the offline experience you get thanks to the products and the way it is showcased on this site.

It offers a whole lot of trusted sellers and products. Even with the unbranded products, the sellers who are offering them happen to be trusted. So, you know what you are indulging and who is offering you the product. The shipping is free for most products, so you don’t pay for logistics. The shipping is done by trusted logistics company, which means you get the product on time. If you have been assured a certain time to get the product, the site makes sure that you get it in the stipulated time. Online shopping sites in India offer good pricing, excellent interface, combo offers and excellent range. Askmebazaar Online Shopping offers a unique option of providing you with wide range of combo deals customized as per your city. That increases the usability factor.

User Experience

User experience is measured in terms of loyalty, convenience, and payments. Askmebazaar insists on giving a good user experience in terms of quality products and wide range. This has led to increase in loyalty of the customers. The users also gain high level of convenience in terms of use and buying.

One step checkout process has made the payment integration easy and convenient. It has encouraged a huge number of customers to buy the products. Shipments are delivered on time which has led to huge number of conversions. The additional zero shipping cost adds to the shipping benefit. Online shopping sites in India like askmebazaar gives an excellent user experience.

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  • I have seen so many cheaters in online world but ASKMEBAZAAR is on top. No reply on complaint registered. No reply to email. Mine is not only the case. You can read bad reviews on other websites like facebook as well.

    Sumit Ahuja November 10, 2015 5:11 am
  • Aaskmebazaar is not at all is a good website. no service, no after sale service. nothing.

    Pawan Sharma November 10, 2015 5:09 am
  • Third class website i have seen ever in my life.
    Delivery is so late.
    After payment order goes in COD.
    Do not respond to customer mails.
    Ordered a product one month back and not yet received. No order status nothing.

    Sujata November 10, 2015 5:08 am

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