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Flipkart online shopping and review

Flipkart began as your go to site when you indulged in shopping for books. It started out with books, and moved on to other items on its counters. It was a book mart which offered different books at good prices. Recently, Flipkart moved onto include home furnishings, home and kitchen products as well as apparels along with books. It had paved the path on a single product line, and gradually moved on to other products as well. This website is first searched for whenever you want to buy any product at a good price.

Flipkart offers deals on a great variety of products, and has approached various brands, from small unknown ones to popular brands. This is the ideal marketplace for all brands. Why do users come here for all their brand purchases? Simple, they find all brands under a single umbrella, and this site deals with trusted sellers. So, if you know you are in for a good deal when you are purchasing from this site. This matters most when you are purchasing electronics or camera or even home furniture from this site.

Flipkart Shoping

The marketplace offers convenience, and trust to its consumers, which is why more people prefer shopping on the different online shopping sites in India like Flipkart. Let’s have a look at it from user’s perspective, and gauge the website.

Site Usability: Flipkart.com

If your site forces users to register, or sign up using a long registration form, you will find users leaving your website. Flipkart online shopping offers social login, as well as registration option. But, it is an option; you can always login as a guest and get started with your purchases. This makes Flipkart user friendly in many ways. You can even purchase as a guest, but you will not get the desired points, or vouchers in this case. But, if you are fine with that it is definitely a possibility.

Flipkart has been designed based on the simplicity needs posed by the user. User needs everything within the eyesight. You can see this happening in case of Flipkart. You can easily sight all the product categories at a glance. If you want to search for a product or category, you can do so using the search bar on the top. This search bar gives out accurate results making your search easy and convenient. Flipkart also gives out an easy approach of showing all the popular categories and brands on the home page. You can even see the current deals on the home page, and click on it to be navigated to the particular page.

Navigation is smooth and intuitive. You can easily go from home page to any other page on this site, without being interrupted. Each page takes you back to the home page, thus ensuring a smooth path.

User Experience

When it comes to user experience, trusted sellers make the brand. You will find that with Flipkart. It has the most trusted sellers listed, who will provide you the goods on time. Another is the fact that the goods reach you on time. Flipkart is known for punctuality and good shipping experience. It deals with best in class logistics, and you will get the products packaged well. The site offers one page checkout, and easy registration which makes it user compelling. You love the site for how it works for the users by helping them at every step.

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