Gadgets that may soon die a slow Death

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Over the last few years, latest gadgets become the necessity of the people. Especially smart phone became the gadget that everyone wants. However, new gadgets and smartphones kills the old gadgets which were became very popular at that time.

Here is the list of the gadgets which maybe you never seen again in your future:


Because of smartphones the camera loses their value. Once it was a must-have gadget that every family used to click their moments. Now days gadgets like Apple iPhone 6, Samsung galaxy s5 and HTC one comes with the better quality than many cameras.

Portable music and video player

This gadget is becoming out dated because of smartphones. Smartphones cover all the features of video and music players. Some smartphones have HD resolution and the latest media player that killed the portable media player and video players, iPod already killed video players but because of smart phones pad are also becoming old now.

PC & Laptops

The PC & laptop are dying slow death because of tablets. Tablets cover all the features of the PC & laptop. Tablets are much better option for those who want to watch movies, play games and surfing the internet.

Wrist Watch

Just like music players, wrist watch is losing their value. Now smart watches are taking place of wrist watch.  Now days, it only shows the status of the rich people and it goes in the future as well. But one thing need to see that smart watches take place the wrist watch or not.


Flashlight once used to be one of the necessities of every family but because smart phones people don’t like to use flashlight. Smartphones comes with the flashlight which kills the real flashlight.

Personal Digital Assistant

Smart phones also kill the personal digital assistant which was used for personal assistant, before iPhones it was really famous but now no one like to use it. Now days, smartphones cover all the feature of the personal digital assistant.


Pager too died rapidly because of mobile phones.  Pager used for getting and sending the message but mobile phones gives the facility of call or send text which kill the pagers. Pagers were dinosaurs of the age and their death was no surprise.

Voice Recorder

Voice recorder was common among those who love to keep notes, record interviews and review important points before the presentation. When mobile comes with the voice recorder then voice recorder became dead. Nowadays, smart voice recorder takes place of the job.

Navigation Devices

Once upon a time navigation device used by many car drivers, it gave accurate direction to their destination. At their time it became necessity for the drivers but now smartphone take their place. Navigation devices were dead because of smartphone.

Digital Diary

Digital diaries were very famous smog the corporate peoples for keeping their appointments and managing to do list. But smartphone also kill this gadget.

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