Galaxy Note 6: A Remarkable Renovation Of Galaxy Note Series

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Samsung at present is the king of Smartphone market. Galaxy S series and Note series are most probably the best phone we ever had. Each time Samsung arrives in market with different new features, specifications and some new look which makes it unique from other companies. The recent flagship Galaxy Note 5 is a live example of its innovation, smartness and advanced technology knowledge. Note 5 have everything that a Smartphone user wants. But still everyone has started counting the release of its next Flagship Galaxy Note 6. There is no official release about Note 6 and its features but the marketers form now has started evaluating about its advanced features and release date. Let’s have a look on some major reports about the specifications of Note 6.


Most reported specs of Note 6


Note 5 was a really eye-catching innovation of Samsung with metallic body and glossy gorilla glass. With Note 6, this trend is said to continue. The clear-cut colour combinations and the superior 6.2 HD screen will drive you to feel the classy look and experience with Note 6.


3D images and videos with superior Camera

Samsung is always best known for its camera quality and Note 6 is expected to offer great camera quality with high resolution. Yes Galaxy Note 6 is going to offer a 30 MP Smart OIS back camera with LED flash to capture brighter and best photos even in darkness. Again with a 16 MP front camera, it will enhance your selfies efficiently. With 4K resolution and Dual camera set-up, Samsung is offering its user a 3D experience with Galaxy Note 6.

ElegantS pen

S pen contains the uniqueness of Galaxy Note series. Every Note and Galaxy S series has a stylish and useful S pen and Note 6 is said to have too. This time, S Pen will offer ahigher and digital writing experience on Note 6. Again with S pen you canfreely choose and mark the desired content on the screen makes them formatting as per your need.

Fast charging, high capacity

With two previous two flagships of Samsung Note 4 and Note 5 offered advanced charging facility which raises the expectations of the users from Note 6 higher. But Thanks to Samsung because with Note 6, the world is going to experience again a superfast charging technology which will offer its users 40% charging only in 4 minutes. With Ultra Power Saving mode you can save your charge in crisis moments for long. With a durable and strong battery technology, Note 6 is surely going to prove as a smarter phone for its users.

Super Processor

Samsung is continuously trying its own cheapest processors with each flagship of Note series. Note 6 are coming with Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 2.9 GHz processor which will give its users a superfast experience together with a 8 GB RAM.

Why choose Note 6

  • Superb HD screen with foldable display
  • Best features and higher technology
  • Superior build quality and classy look
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Best ever camera and resolution
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