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How does the average person define ‘comfort’? Is it an expensive couch to lie on and watch TV on a big screen all day? Probably not. Today we want to give you a new definition of comfort. Below is a list of gadgets that you would want in your house today:

1). Self Stirring Mug
Sloth is a sin and the makers of this Mug want you to commit it in style. If you think that stirring a coffee mug yourself is too big a task, then buy this self stirring Mug right now. As the name suggests, it does the stirring by itself. But in order to start the stirring, you have to make some effort to press the button.


I think this should suffice till they can come up with a Stirring mug that starts by itself. Check Latest Price Here

2). Logbar ring
Ever felt too lazy to switch on the lights or the TV. The logbar ring will let you do that and a couple of more things just by a gesture of your finger. When you wear this ring, you just have to point it towards the TV and there you go.

Logbar ring

It’s an expensive item and might have a few problems. So do your homework before you can order your ring.

Ring Gestures

Ring Gestures

3). Belty
You must have faced uncomfortable situations wherein you had to adjust your belt whether be it while sitting or eating. Belty is a motorized belt which adjusts on your waist automatically and without you taking the pains to adjust it.


It keeps a record of your waistline as well. If you like it, be ready to shell out some good amount of money.

4). Selfie stick
It’s not the newest gadget in this list but it’s a pretty good one. A Selfie stick lets you take selfies the way they should be taken, properly. With a Selfie stick you don’t have to worry about being the shortest in the group. Your picture will be clicked just fine like the rest of the others in the picture.


With this extended arm, you can click selfies from different angles. A Selfie stick takes the Selfie craze to a different level altogether. Price starting from Rs.59/- Check it out

5). Power bank
The number one drawback of smartphones is that their batteries don’t last. With a power bank in your kitty, you don’t have to worry about the battery of your smartphone. You can use facebook and every other app which you decided not to use in order to save batteries while travelling.


You can take it with you as you travel and charge your smartphone on the go. And in case you are wondering, yes the power bank needs to be charged as well.

6). Music pillow
Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It’s always irritating when you stick the earphones in your ears while lying down and you have to change position. You can never adjust them. A music pillow takes care of that and lets you sleep with your favourite music busting in your ears.


You can even connect it to your phone. For music lovers, it doesn’t get better than that.

7). Bluetooth silicone shower speakers
If you really can’t live without music, than these speakers have been made for you. With Bluetooth silicone speakers, you can listen to music while you take a shower. Ofcourse, these are waterproof.

Bluetooth silicone shower speakers

So you can hum along with these speakers while you take a shower. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that these speakers are very expensive.

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