HTC One M10 – the much awaited handset!

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Do you know that which is the much awaited Smartphone of 2016? Your guess is right it is none other than HTC One M10. Since HTC was introduced in 2013, it has brought new innovations with every new release. We know that you are also eagerly waiting for its release and trying to know its specifications and features. You can get a lot of articles related to this fabulous model, but you would find a lot of contradictions. Through this article we have tried to unveil the most precise dazzling features of this superb model.


The internet rumours are indicating that it would be released in the Month of March 2016. So, you would be able to buy it very soon! The only difference would be that it would not have the same name, HTC One M10. A new name for this model could be HTC Two. HTC has planned to change the logical progression of HTC One, as it doesn’t want the previous model, HTC One M9 failure with this awesome model. Cher Wang, who is the chairwoman of HTC, was not happy with the poor response of HTC One M9. She has taken apology from the users and said the company would compensate for the loss by introducing a remarkable model. So, we can expect to find a phone with a difference.


Regarding the price of HTC One M10, no information can be drawn till now. The chances are that you would be able to know the price from your retailers. On the basis of previous trends, it can be around 610; if 579 pound was for HTC One M9 and 550 pound for HTC One M8. It was found that the defective Snapdragon 810 was responsible for the disappointment faced by HTC One M9. So, an excellent and fast processor in this model, Snapdragon 820 would possibly enhance its efficiency. Looks of this phone would be definitely gorgeous, like all other models in aluminum unibody; with an enhancement of being waterproof. The camera would be striking, 27Mp back camera and 5Mp front camera.


The complaints of the customers regarding the microSD slot were addressed in HTC One M9 bybending towards the back; along with the previous enhancement it would have on-board storage too. A 4GB RAM is likely. The users would be possibly would get a chance to pick the storage from 64 and 128 GB. You can expect a long lasting battery life with its striking 3500mAh battery. The standard screen size for its model is 5in and it can be expected in HTC One M10 too. A Chinese report is stating along with 2560×1440 displays, QHD and 6in screen. So, its screen would be possibly designed in a way to help it stay ahead all the rivals like Samsung and LG.

We hope by reading our article you are in a position to guess the possible features and specifications of amazing HTC One M10. To know more about your most preferred model, keep visiting.

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