Organic Search Results and Paid Results

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Organic Search Result is the search which comes naturally in search engines by making website search engine friendly. All the things like tagging, keywords density, navigation structure, URLs, back links and content etc matter in organic results and today, SEOs play a vital role in achieving top ranking in organic search as they have enough “Gyaan” in doing all this . On the other hand

Paid Search Result (also known as sponsored listing) is the listing which is absolutely free to display but you have to pay according to clicks i.e pay per click (PPC). There is a system from where you can set budget for keywords, budget for the day and many more. Above mentioned points (tagging, keywords density, navigation structure, URLs, back links and content etc) do not matter at all in PPC.

The image given below will clear all doubts:

Organic and Paid Search

Organic and Paid Search

In Organic Results, following three points matter:

  • Site Architecture (Hosting, DNS, Geolocation, Domain, URL Structure, Design, Web Standards, Usability, Analytics)
  • Links (Directory Submission, Reciprocal Links, Press Releases, Social Media Advertising, Memberships, Partners and Comments etc)
  • Content (Titles, Blogs, RSS Feeds, Images and Media, Testimonials, Resource Lists, Widgets and Tools)

No/Low Cost | Trusted and More Traffic | Can Target any Keywords

Slow (3-5 Months) | Requires well made site | Harder to Measure

Whereas in Paid Results, following points come in area:

  • Creative (Contextual Advertising, Buzz Marketing, Segmentation, Seasonality, Rich Media, Text Links, Keywords and Banners)
  • Placement (Price Comparison Sites, Meta Search Engines, 2nd Tier Search, Search Engines, Directories, Websites, Affiliates and Blogs)
  • Accountability (Budget, Allocation of Resources, Analytics, Customer Support Infrastructure and Testing )

Fast | URL Doesn’t Matter | Easy To Measure

Ongoing Expense | Not Trusted by Searchers | ROI Requires Conversion

In my past experience I have seen that many companies hire PPC specialist to run PPC campaign but PPC guys don’t know how to research keywords and they run campaign according to competitors and with the help of limited tools (I met with many PPC specialist and discussed the method of keywords research).

It is necessary to have knowledge of keyword research as “SEO & PPC is the Game of Keywords” and its wastage of money as well as time if you don’t select right keywords before starting SEO or PPC.

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  • Your image “natural vr paid” showed up first in google image search for me, thought you should know.

    Searchengineman August 11, 2010 7:35 pm
  • In banner advertisement, as the name suggests you place your banner on other sites and pay for it. Its a type of paid inclusion. Any type of paid advertising for which you are paying is paid inclusion.

    Gitesh December 1, 2009 9:58 pm
  • Hi Gitesh, hope you are doing well… Can you tell me something about banner advertisement and paid inclusion?

    Sumit Chauhan November 26, 2009 5:18 pm

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