Samsung Galaxy S7: A reverie of the fans

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Samsung is among the most renowned company in the field of smartphone. It came into significance when it introduced its Flagship of Galaxy S Series. From the beginning of this flagship, it has been able to fulfill all the demands and desires with the time pace. This series has been among the best sellers in comparison to any other smartphone. Again it is coming up with its very new and upgraded Galaxy S7, which can work wonders in the revolution of smartphones.

The new flagship Galaxy S7 of the Korean Company, Samsung is expected to be more robust, more spacious, more stable, and more powerful.So, let’s make a list of the demands and desire of the fans of Galaxy S7.

Enhanced Battery Backup

The battery backup is need not be modified in comparison to its previous flagship model. The credentials say that the battery capacity should be increased so that all its other features can be enjoyed in a better way and upto a better time.

Surprise Us

The last time Samsung came up with its Galaxy S Series, it surprised us with the edge display. So, again the fans and followers want something new with the Galaxy S7 like flexible display.

More Steps with VR

Virtual Reality as we know has been a very new thing in the periphery of smartphone world and Samsung has been the one to introduce it and use it in its gadgets. So, we look forward to have some more impact of the VR in Galaxy S7.

Better Price

Samsung is among those companies, whose pricing has been a little bit higher than the expectation of the user. So, it will be a pleasure if with a super phone the prices come a little bit lower.

More robust design

With this smartphone, the desires as increased and better and new additions are expected from this Galaxy S7. The phone can be made more eventful with better Amoledscreen, robust bodycover, and it will be more significant if the phone is added with the water resistance capacity and made the cover is made dust proof.


Galaxy S7 as heard is comprised with a 30 Mega pixel rear camera and a 10 mega pixel front camera. This is going to work wonders for the photo lovers and also for the one who is very selfie-prone.


The recent smartphones hold up to the 4G networks with a super-fast Wi-Fi connection. But this phone should be made kept in mind the upcoming technologies and hassles. So, that it can be used significantly up to a better period of time with the ability to grasp all new throttles coming up in the flow.

These are the demands and wishes which we see to be a part of the Galaxy S7 so that with the introduction of it, Samsung Galaxy S7 can be able to join the Club of best seller and happy fans.

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