SEO Starter Guide – Part III

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Once you have analyzed and applied the things mentioned in SEO Starter Guide – Part I and Part II to your website only then we should move to rest topics i.e content optimization, navigation structure, image optimization etc.

In Content Optimization, as the name suggest we optimize content by stuffing keywords in it. Increase the keyword density by stuffing keywords in your content and where necessary make keywords bold. But keep in mind that crossing the limit can penalize your website in search engines which results in excluding your website from SERPs. Ideally keywords stuffing should not increase 6-7%

Once you have increased keyword density on your website then check for navigation. Better the Navigation Structure more will be your indexed pages. Navigation structure is a game of creativity to show all web pages to search engines so that they can read and index each and every page of your website. You can also use Google Sitemap, Yahoo Sitemap and MSN Sitemap to get your web pages indexed.

Optimizing Image is optional. However if you want to optimize image then keep these points in mind – image name (image name should be seo friendly), image alt tag (use proper alt tag in images), image size (image size should be less), image title (use proper image title, seo friendly title) and image location (image url should be seo friendly)

We have covered all the points to make website seo friendly in three topics i.e SEO Starter Guide Part I, Part II and Part III. If you have any query in doing these doing then feel free to post it here.

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