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Shopclues Online Shopping and Its Reviews

Shopclues is a popular wholesale shopping site that offers exclusive products at good prices. It was introduced as a site where you will get your heart’s desire at wholesale prices. When you login to the website, you may not meet a very aesthetically designed site, but it serves the purpose of being the online wholesaler.

The top block consists of a few category options namely wholesale, NRH, Factory Outlet, Gifting Store, Wedding Store and Fitness Store. These categories will reproduce the products in that range, and specific to the category. They differ in the product types as well as the price that you will be paying to get the product.

The homepage offers an insight into the various popular products of this site in particular. You will see products that are low priced, and quite popular among the segment who shop at shopclues. To the right, the website categories are offered for navigation purposes. You will find the different sections, which you can navigate to in order to get the products in that segment. Shopclues runs an online flea market every Sunday, from where you can purchase all the goods that you want for daily as well as occasional purposes at a good price.

Let’s try and understand how this site fares from the usability as well as customer experience perspective.

Site Usability

When it comes to site usability, the first thing that comes to your mind would be site navigation. How easy and simple is it to navigate on shopclues. Shopclues online shopping offers an intuitive navigation interface, which makes it possible for you to navigate through the site without a guide. There is always a key which will take you back to the home page or the previous menu from where you are placed currently. The navigation is least complicated for this website. The interface and design is pretty simple, and does not need anything beyond basic internet usage experience to get started.

The images that are uploaded on this website vary in their resolution. Some of these images can be easily comprehended, while the others are not really identifiable. The site uploaded pictures are not really standardized, which creates the variation. The specifications for the products are clearly mentioned on the site, and you will find that the products that are delivered match the specifications. In fact, the specifications also give a clear idea on what to expect from the product that will come your way.

Customer Experience

When it comes to online shopping site, customer experience plays an important role. How did your customer find the end product, and how has the past experience been helps improve the visibility of the site. Shopclues is known to deliver a good user experience. The customer support is pretty good, and offers solution to your product related issues. The support team assures complete resolution. This website is known for on time and prompt delivery of the product, which makes it quite popular among the customers. In many cases, the product gets delivered before the delivery date.

Packaging of the product is secure, in a way that even delicate items are securely delivered to your doorstep.  The massive product range at affordable prices has made the site popular among the various segments of audience. The pricing structure is pretty transparent for this site, inducing positive customer experience.

Overall, the site is quite good from customer experience and usability perspective.

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  • I never had such a bad experience with other website that I felt with shop in my life. I had purchased one blue tooth device from shop clues. But I get the damage product & they instruct me to send the product through courier and they will change the product & will compensate against courier charges. But they deny to receipt the courier. This process has continue to 2 month after that also my problem has not been sort out. I am requesting to all Kindly dont purchase any product from Shop clues. It is a fake company.

    Kuldeep Shrivastava October 28, 2015 6:32 am
  • Not at all is a good website. I would rate minus ten for it.

    Sujata October 23, 2015 9:19 am
  • Third class website i have seen in my life. Shopclues sent damaged product and said we can not take it back as it is sold during deal period. Really shame.

    Pradeep Verma October 23, 2015 9:16 am

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