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Many folks are novice with the term url shortners. Well “it is a technique or service which is used to make your lengthy urls shorten”. When you browse or call the short url it takes you to the actual url of your website. This technique is basically used when you want to share a link with your friend on facebook, twitter or any other website which does not accept long url. You just paste your lengthy url in the url shortner website, get a new small url and share it with friends or anyone.

Suppose you have a url like: This is very tuff to remember and even write. To browse this url you can also use: which is very short as compare to the above one and main point here to note is both are going to same page.

Now the point of concern is; how seo friendly this newly generated url is? To check this we have to analyze the service provider or website which provides this url shortening service. The main thing we have to check here is the redirection type; whether it is 301 or 302.

Google has officially come out and confirmed that “link value” through URL shorteners is preserved as Google treats them similar to the actual link if url shortner service provides a short url with 301 permanent redirect. You may also read Url Redirection in deep from the same blog.

In the attached photograph you will find the url shortners with the redirection type they are using.

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  • I need sm help …how to make our web page seo friendly in designing sense…

    ameet May 6, 2011 12:41 pm
  • Hello sir your contain is very impressive and also informative for every SEO user but sir plz tell also in which URL seo friendly and which is not and why …..

    SEONEXT April 30, 2011 9:54 pm

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