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For seo guys it is very basic question but for those who don’t know seo, is very big concern. In fact, for seo guys the answer for the same question would be “Seo is a Game of Back Links

That’s right, back links are the backbone of SEO. Normally we divide this whole search engine optimization process in two parts. One is on-page optimization and second is off-page optimization. Off-page optimization is also known as Link Building process and this link building is done only to get back links to the website; whereas on-page optimization is the activity done on the website which includes tagging, keyword stuffing and all this.

All back links are useless if not taken carefully. Quality back links play a vital role in search engine ranking. Here quality contains many factors like no. of outbound links on the page you are taking back link, PR of that page, cache status of that page, content relevancy, nofollow attribute, content rich page, website reputation and category etc. all these are very important factors.

But if links taken are from link farm, adult websites or FFA websites then these links are not useful at all and can get your website penalized in search engines.  So link building exercise should be done very carefully.

Normally search engines give one vote to the websites for one back link or inbound link. Now how much Weightage is given to the link depends upon the quality. Better the link quality, higher will be weightage hence better will be ranking and PR.

Apart from the quality you have to also check link saturation of the website because if you cross the limit then it is not good for your website. So let’s start taking back links in ethical manner.

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  • Yes quality backlinks always make iffects and increasing value of website.
    Really good information shared here…
    i like ‘SEO is game of BL’


    zaaylo July 15, 2010 4:12 pm

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