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Creating website is worthless until you don’t get any visitor on it, not only visitor its targeted visitors. Once the development of a website has completed and the website has been made live then optimization of this website is necessary because if you don’t have visitors, you would not have business.

In the current scenario, seo (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming more and more popular because optimizing a website in search engine rotates huge amount of traffic, not traffic – its targeted traffic. From targeted traffic I mean the visitors who really make transaction on the website, and this is what a website owner wants.

I am going to share some traffic source of my clients which will show you the actual statistics. Check this out.

Seo Traffic Source

1. Seo Traffic Source

Seo Traffic Source

2. Seo Traffic Source

As given above, the blue area is pointing to traffic source which is coming from search engines and in both images SE Traffic is more then other sources (referring sites, direct traffic and other). I cannot share the exact data with you; that’s why i made the figure black.

However, to make it more clear i didn’t remove the percentage of contribution made by search engines in over all traffic. Check this out also:

Seo Traffic Contribution

1. Seo Traffic Contribution

Seo Traffic Contribution

2. Seo Traffic Contribution

Here in 1st image contribution of Search Engine Traffic is 73.08% and in second it is 84.32%. In all the graphs SE Traffic is above 50% and I am sure, after watching this you have got the idea of “SEO Requirement“.

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  • you should always start seo when your development is going on and once the website is live then start ppc as it also helps in seo.

    gitesh December 12, 2009 3:35 pm
  • Gitesh, can you tell me when to start seo and when to start ppc? Does it make any difference?

    Amit Mishra November 30, 2009 12:32 pm

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